Service and Repair

We do maintenance packages and individual repair work carefully and quickly! We also have a comprehensive selection of spare parts for all types of bikes on the shelf, so you usually don't have to wait for parts to be ordered. We aim to have parts which are the best value for money, not the cheapest possible.



Here's how to bring a bike to us for service:

Service queue now: less than one week, smaller works like tire changes in 1-2 weekdays


You can bring the bike to our store at any time during opening hours, in which case we will make a free price estimate and the bike will be waiting for its turn in the service queue. In the spring, the queue is usually in the 1-2 week range, in autumn and summer a little less, and in winter about 1-2 weekdays.


Smaller individual jobs are done on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the urgency and the job, they can be done as soon as you wait, during the same day, or in a few days if its during a bad spring rush time.


Another option is to reserve your maintenance ahead of time. When you book an appointment, you will bring the bike for service on the agreed day and get it back in 1-3 business days depending on the amount of traffic congestion. Ask for booking availability at the shop or by phone (044 790 9090). We will make a free price estimate when you bring your bike to the place.

We keep the bikes locked outside with our own cable during the day when the store is open, so please leave any extra bulk items like locks, helmets, etc. at home. Whenever possible, child seats should also be removed, they can make it difficult to handle the bike.











Starting price:

Derailleur gear 70 €
Hub gear 60 €
Single gear 50 €


• Check condition of the bike

• Grease seatpost and stem
• Cleaning of bike surfaces

• Cleaning and lubrication of necessary moving           parts

• Cleaning brake surfaces

• Tightening or changing the chain

• Changing cassette if needed
• Brake and gear adjustment
• Tighten bolts and screws
• Check condition of the tyres, pumping tires

• Testride
• Maintenance advice

With extra price if needed:

• Cable replacement (brake/gear) 10€/pc     

• Brake pad replacement 5€/pair

• Replace tire or tube, if necessary 10€/pc

• Truing wheel 20e/pc

• Greasing bearings 20e/pc

• Nexus gear hub dip to the maintenance oil 25e

• Repairing a gear hub starting from 20e,

   the final price with spare parts is determined       on a case-by-case basis

• Other needed works in 2/3 list price



(prices are made on a case-by-case basis)
•    Cargo bike 10-50€
•    Electric/Dutch/Special bike 10-30€
•    Especially dirty bike 10-20€




  • Replacement of the most commonly worn out parts (brake pads, cables, tires) can be obtained at a much reduced price in connection with the maintenance package, and even more special work at a price of 2/3rds the normal price.

  • If you find faults in the bike during maintenance that were not noticed during the price assessment, we will do small work that costs about 10 euros without asking unless you deny it separately, we will always call for larger ones and ask for repairs.

  • Parts will be charged separately. Prices include 24% VAT.



Assessing your maintenance needs

We try to make your bike's maintenance as smooth and flexible as possible. We do not charge for unnecessary work but always make repairs as needed. The aim is to make the pricing of the service package as fair and accountable as possible for everyone. For example, by default we do not replace all cables or open and clean all bearings, but we always consider the need for a bike's maintenance on a case-by-case basis.

We also will always tell you when it is not worth repairing a bike, for example, if considering the quality of the bike, a maintenance or repair would become unreasonably expensive. However, we are happy to service all old and out-of-service bicycles if they have a lot of emotional and usable value. A well-used and familiar bike is the best bike!


We are also happy to make upgrades and changes to a bicycle to increase driving pleasure and comfort! For example, replacement of handlebars, installation of fenders and racks, and installation of lights (including dynamo).

We service all kinds of bicycles:
City bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, cargo bikes,
unicycles, time trial bikes, downhill bikes, track bikes ...
Both old and new! From wooden rims to carbon fiber!


Work prices




Note: Bikes with chain guards additional price 5-30€

  • Cartridge bearing bottom bracket replacement: 35€

  • Fauber bottom bracket service or replacement: 30-70€

  • Three-piece bottom bracket service: 50€

  • Cottered crank tightening or cotter pin replacement: 10-30€

  • Crankset replacement:

    • Square taper or outboard bottom bracket cranks: 25€

    • Fauber cranks: 50-80€

  • Pedals install/replace: 5-15€



  • Cassette/freewheel and chain replacement: 30€

  • Chain installation or replacement: 15€

  • Front chainring replacement: 15-35€

  • Rear derailleur pulley wheels replacement: 15€



  • Derailleur adjustment: 15€ per (front/rear) derailleur

  • Derailleur adjustment + cable replacement: 50€

  • Gear shifter install/replace (non-STI): 25€

  • Gear shifter resuscitation: 15-25€

  • Rear or front derailleur installation: 25€

    • Cable replacement if needed, additional 10€

  • Cable and housing installation/replacement: 15-25€

    • If housing is to run under the bar tape (on dropbars): 35€

    • If for hub gear: 30€

  • Derailleur hanger replacement: 20€



  • Brake pad install/replace (rim brakes):

    • Threaded cantilever and V-brakes: 10€/pair

    • Side pull: 10€/pair

    • Threadless cantilever: 15€/pair

    • Swapping replaceable pads: 10€/pair

  • Disc brake pad installation/replacement: 10-20€/pair

  • Brake cable and housing replacement: 10-20€/side

    • To go under bar tape (on drop bars): 25€/side

  • Brake caliper installation: 25€

    • Cable replacement if needed: additional 10€

  • Disc brake installations/replacements:

    • Mechanical brake caliper: 20€

    • Lever and caliper: 40€

    • Hydraulic brake lever install/replace: 30€

      • Cable shortening if needed: +10€

  • Disc brake bleeding: 20-40€

  • Hydraulic brake cable shortening: 20€

  • Hydraulic cable replacing: 40€




  • Tyre change, starting from 15€:

    • Gearhub and/or brake pedal brake/drum brake: +5€

    • Enclosed chain guard: +15€

    • Cargo/E-bike: +5-20€

  • Tubeless installation:

    • Rim taping: 15€

    • Tyre change/install with sealant: 25€/tyre

    • Adding sealant: 10€

• Patching an outer tyre 10-40€

•  Patching sealant to innertube: 15€



•  Wheel truing (loose, not taken off a bike): 10-30€

•  Wheel truing: 20-40€

•  Spokes replaced and wheel trued: 20-60€

•  Wheel build: 60€

•  Rim replacement (using old hub and spokes): 40-50€

•  Hub replacement (i.e. wheel taken apart and built with new spokes and new/old rim): 70-80€



• Bearings adjustment: 10€

• Loose bearing hub service: 20-40€

•  Back pedal brake or internal geared hub repair.

Starting price 20€, including opening and assessment:

  • 1 gear min. +20€

  • 3 gear min. +30€

  • 4, 5, 7, 8 and 11 gears min +40€ (Final price determined on case-by-case basis!)

•  Shimano internal gearing hub upkeep maintenance: 35€

•  Axel replacing: 30-50€

•  Cartridge bearings replacing: 30-50€

•  Freehub body replacing: 40€

•  Freewheel replacing: 30-40€



•  Stem replace (stem has faceplate): 15€

•  Stem replace (no faceplate): 30-50€

•  Replacing handlebar and stem: 25-60€

•  Headset service: 20-40€

•  Headset replace or install: 30-50€

•  Headset adjustment: 10€

•  Grips replace/install: 5-15€

•  Bar tape replace/install: 30€





•  Mudguard/fender installation: 30-60€

•  Mudflap installation: 10€

•  Front basket installation: 25-40€

•  Rack installation: 20-40€

•  Cycle computer installation: 20€

•  Light installation: 10-50€

•  Chainguard install/replace: 30-60€

•  Bell installation: 0€



•   Frame lock or lock holder installation: 15€

•   Lock breaking: 5-35€




•  Bottom bracket shell facing and chasing: 45€

•  Headtube facing: 30€

•  Fork crownrace facing: 15€

•  Fork thread extending: 15-30€

•  Fork steerer shortening: 20€

•  Star nut installation: 5€

•  Chasing of other threads (cranks, bolts, etc): 10-20€

•  Frame straightening work: starting from 20€


•  Hand bike wash 20-50€

•  Damage assessment for insurance – review and report: 20-80€