Worker's Cooperative


Töölön Pyörä is run by a ten-person worker's cooperative called Osuuspyörä. The idea of the cooperative is based on the desire to create a livelihood for ourselves and a voluntary workplace where we work as equals together.


Töölön Pyörä has been owned by our cooperative since 2015. Before acquiring our own bike shop, we have worked and accumulated know-how in other bike shops and bike workshops.


Töölön Pyörä is owned by its employees, so the money that comes in goes directly to the salaries of the employees and other expenses related to running our business. We do not raise capital for bosses or listed companies.


As members of the cooperative and employees of Töölön Pyörä, we make decisions about our work together and share power and responsibility. Today, Töölön Pyörä also employs a few seasonal workers outside the cooperative during the spring-autumn peak season.


Cycling is part of our cooperative members daily lives, including work as well as weekend trips and holidays. Above all, cycling is a matter of course for us, and allows for convenient and affordable movement in the city. On the other hand, cycling offers a variety of ways to have fun and spend your free time. All members of our cooperative are enthusiastic touring cyclists: excursions have been made to neighboring districts, to other parts of Finland as well as to Europe and beyond. In addition, you can find us, for example, on mountain biking trails or at fixed gear alleycats.


In our work, we are motivated by the hope that as many people as possible will find cycling a joy, an ease, and a routine. We can contribute to this by providing expert friendly service to a wide range of cyclists of different needs.