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Our guide to Bike Internet

Töölön Pyörä website circa 2009, via Internet Archive

We are very busy here with the spring rush of service bikes and don't have as much time to write blog posts. We do have two very big and juicy essays coming up but they will take some time as we polish them to withstand the hardest critique! Meanwhile we would like to show you around some of our favourite bike related sites on the Internet! Classic bike punk stuff, this sites been around for a good while! Pretty much unchanged... Myra VanInwegen's (mostly) personal bike site with interesting articles about all kinds of bike things. Lots of info about women's bikes.

Ken Kifer's site, packed with bike philosophy and alternative life style. Very cool early internet page with interesting reports of bike tours around the world! Click around and get lost! Womens Mountain Bike and Tea Society web site. The internet home of the women's MTB group founded by Jacquie Phelan. Personal blog of Jacquie Phelan, mountain bike legend. Maybe the most famous website ever about bikes, maybe there is still someone in the world who didnt know about it! Well now you know! Home site of an adventurous duo who have done some quite extreme but nice bike tours! Collection of old (100+ years) writings and photographs of bikes and cycle touring in France. In French only but google translate works well enough. Especially recommended are classic texts by Paul de Vivie aka Velocio.

A personal of Joel Metz, full of information on old French bikes and other things as well. The site is quite difficult to navigate, but thats part often part of the charm on older websites! Bike industry legend Grant Petersen's personal blog. Ramblings on bikes and lot of not-bikes. Can almost say that not a day goes by here at the shop without Grant's name or some idea of theirs is mentioned. Blog of René Herse Cycles, mostly written by Jan Heine. Mostly it's product updates now but occasionally an interesting bit of bicycle thinking is posted as well.

The youtube channel of Nomad's Trails, our favourite bicycle travel vloggers! Keeping touring simple and whole hearted!

Technical sites: A site where you can compare bicycle geometries. Very handy if you're into this type of nerdy stuff. Comparison of different bicycle handlebars. Archive of drawings by Daniel Rebour, effectively documenting the golden age of bicycle design in France in the beginning of the 20th century.

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