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Vintage cycling videos for a rainy day

Arriving home wet (or only damp if you had your rain gear on) after your commute or weekend trip, either way it's nice to change to some warm dry clothes, brew up some tea and watch some quality cycling videos! Here is some of my favourites:

Cyclists' Special

Cycle Touring Club goes on a train ride and cycles back home in 1955

I'm Kind of a Mechanized Tramp

touring stories of Bill Houston, filmed in 1971

The Bike Brothers - Jack, Ken and Norman Taylor

1986 documentary about the legendary bicycle builders

Then we have a bunch of french documentaries of the Brevet Randonneur des Alps cyclotouring event around Grenoble provided by the Cimalpes website. Best enjoyed if you understand french (I don't really) but everyone can surely appreciate the athmosphere!

28x28 ou La Balade D Auguste

The 28x28 in the title is referring to the low gearing of the bicycles used to go up the mountains.

A chacun son idéal

BRA au début des années 1980

Feel free to share more videos in the comments!


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